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ISTA Testing

What should you know about ISTA testing?

In logistic services, product protection is critical to customers’ success.

On average, 2% of unit loads are estimated to arrive at the destination with some degree of case damage1. Yet, shipping damage costs go beyond financing the replacement or repair of the product. Reputational and sustainability consequences can hurt the company’s profits and image. The good news is that with some minor adjustments, retailers and manufacturers can completely control the safety of their products.

Follow proven international standards

This is where the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) comes in. As a globally recognized organization, it sets industry standards for packaging and transportation testing to ensure the safety of shipped products. Additionally, the organization offers laboratory certification to verify that all facilities are appropriately equipped to conduct pre-shipment testing of packaged products in accordance with ISTA standards. By subjecting packaging to comprehensive testing procedures, the labs evaluate various transportation hazards that manufacturers may not be familiar with or have the means to test independently. This is why having access to an ISTA-certified lab can be of immense value to many companies. Identifying and addressing potential issues early on allows to proactively mitigate risk associated with product damage during transit proactively. Read along as we dive into the benefits of pre-shipment testing at ISTA-certified labs.

ISTA-certified labs help ensure that your product and packaging can withstand transport hazards during handling and transportation. ISTA-certified labs help ensure that your product and packaging can withstand transport hazards during handling and transportation.

Safety and regulatory compliance guaranteed

Many industries are subject to strict regulations and guidelines regarding packaging and transportation. Let’s take the medical device industry as an example. Medical technology packaging certainly needs to protect high-value products during shipping and transport, it must also comply with health and safety regulations. Such packaging solutions must be subject to comprehensive testing aligned with ISTA guidelines to avoid unnecessary delays and demonstrate compliance with rules, which is essential for businesses operating in regulated markets.

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Medical devices are subject to strict regulations and guidelines regarding packaging and transportation. The packaging should not only protect the integrity of high-value products but also keep the shipped goods sterile.

What’s more, ISTA-approved packaging transport test labs are bound by a standardized and reliable framework for evaluating the quality and safety of the packaging solutions. Rigorous ISTA testing ensures that the packaging and the products are adequately protected during inbound and outbound transportation, minimizing the risk of damages and protecting from unnecessary costs.

Saving time and money

In today's fast-paced market, speed is crucial. This holds particularly true for companies that want to stay at the forefront of innovation. Through rigorous testing methodologies such as drop testing, vibration testing, and compression testing, potential vulnerabilities are flagged early, allowing for necessary improvements. Identifying and addressing potential packaging issues early in the product development process accelerates time to market. Once it becomes clear that the packaging materials and designs are optimized for transport, one can confidently move forward with manufacturing and distribution plans, gaining a competitive advantage and capturing market opportunities swiftly. Additionally, this approach significantly reduces costs associated with product damages, returns, replacements, and customer dissatisfaction, ultimately enhancing the bottom line.

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ISTA collects data and performs research to ensure their standards are current with what happens during transport and storage.

Keeping up with the industry developments

It is clear that testing at ISTA-approved labs minimizes costs, expedites market time, and optimizes the overall packaging process. ISTA certificate is also a sign of quality and compliance. The organization continuously collects data and performs research to ensure its standards are current with recent industry developments.

At Nefab, we understand the significance of aligning with ISTA standards and maintaining ISTA-approved packaging transport test labs. With our six fully equipped ISTA-approved packaging transport test labs, we continue to innovate and optimize our packaging processes to exceed industry standards and deliver exceptional value to our customers.

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