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Nefab's Expansion Journey in Mexico

Pioneering Sustainable packaging and Logistics Solutions

Nefab strengthens its presence in Mexico with multiple investments, strategically expanding its industrial packaging and logistics operations to cover key cities including Guadalajara, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Monterrey, Leon, and Veracruz.

  • Embracing sustainability, Nefab pioneers’ eco-friendly packaging alternatives such as FiberFlute and returnable thermoformed solutions, addressing customer demands and environmental concerns.
  • With a focus on quality, speed, and flexibility, Nefab responds to evolving market needs by establishing state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, ensuring seamless delivery of packaging solutions while promoting sustainability initiatives.

Nefab is expanding its presence in the Mexico region through a series of strategic investments. Nefab Mexico has experienced substantial growth across the country, emerging as a leading company in the industrial packaging and logistics sector. By establishing its presence in the key locations Guadalajara, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Monterrey, Leon and Veracruz, the company boasts a strong sales and service network, equipped to deliver complete packaging solutions throughout Mexico.

Nefab has announced numerous investments across Mexico with a focus on enhancing its offerings and operational capacity. Notably, one of the most significant ventures has been in Ciudad Juarez, a region brimming with potential. Nefab has a longstanding presence in Juarez, experiencing substantial growth, particularly in the Datacom Industry, as well as in Healthcare, Energy, and various other sectors. Nefab's facilities have outgrown the demand from customers. To address this growing demand and elevate service standards, Nefab has made substantial enhancements in Juarez, including relocating the facility, expanding manufacturing space, and acquiring state-of-the-art equipment. Investments in corrugated board machines and foam converting have further augmented production capabilities, promising improved supply chain efficiency, quality, and speed. The factory relocation and machine startup are scheduled to take effect in the summer of 2024.

In the city of Leon, Guanajuato, Nefab is expanding the existing facilities and capabilities of the recently acquired company, PolyFlex. In the new, modern building, Nefab will now produce heavy-duty returnable thermoformed trays, primarily for Automotive and Lithium battery projects. The demand from existing and new global customers for increased local production in Mexico to support their growth plans will be met with a dedicated team and new modern machines.

Moreover, Nefab's focus on sustainability remains unwavering, with initiatives aimed at minimizing global carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly packaging alternatives such as FiberFlute and returnable thermoformed trays. From its inception, sustainability has been a core value for Nefab, reflected not only in the product offerings but also in operational ethos. The company is committed to minimizing global carbon emissions, recognizing that transportation contributes to a significant portion of these emissions. By advocating for the adoption of eco-friendly alternatives over unsustainable materials, Nefab actively promotes environmental responsibility among its customer base.

Eric Wickman emphasizes the shifting mindset among customers towards sustainability:

"Nowadays, many of our customers are transitioning to thermoform trays or recycled plastics, and even segments traditionally less focused on sustainability are showing increased interest in minimizing environmental impact."
Eric Wickman, Regional Managing DIrector, Nefab Latin America

The company's next major investment is centered in Guadalajara, with the establishment of a second manufacturing plant in the city while also expanding warehousing and Just in Time capabilities. This new facility, spanning 5,600 square meters, is scheduled to be fully operational within six months, featuring modern machinery and technologies aimed at enhancing quality, speed, and flexibility in meeting customer demands. With investments exceeding half a million dollars solely in machinery, Nefab demonstrates its commitment to modernization and customer satisfaction.

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