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Sidel and Nefab Partnership

Sidel and Nefab partner globally to boost logistics efficiency, drive cost savings, and reduce environmental impact across the supply chain.

Sidel and Nefab have emerged as innovators in the realm of global logistics, spearheading initiatives that drive down costs and significantly reduce environmental impact. The partnership is marked by a commitment to teamwork, and continuous improvement, all aimed at improving customer service and optimizing operations on a global scale. 

In today's interconnected global marketplace, the efficient flow of goods is fundamental to success. For industrial manufacturers dealing with a wide range of products and parts, the complexity of warehousing processes such as storage, inbound, and outbound handling can be overwhelming. Recognizing this challenge, many companies are seeking help from third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to streamline their processes. The key is finding a service partner that can customize its services to fit each business's unique needs, ensuring a seamless journey from production to final destination. 


Sidel stands at the forefront of environmental and social responsibility, leveraging contract logistics services to not only enhance supply chain efficiency but also to reduce costs. By outsourcing certain aspects of their logistics operations, Sidel can focus more on their core activities, knowing that their logistics needs are being expertly managed. Through collaborative efforts with Nefab, Sidel is able to assess the impact of various supply chain solutions and implement those that are optimized in terms of both total cost and environmental sustainability. 

Nefab, for its part, is dedicated to developing sustainable packaging and logistics solutions. With ambitious plans to reduce CO2-eq emissions by 10 million tons in customer supply chains by 2030, Nefab's innovative approach not only benefits its customers but also contributes positively to society and the environment.  

In essence, the partnership between Sidel and Nefab represents a union of shared values and ambitious goals. By prioritizing logistics efficiency and sustainability, the two companies are not only driving positive change within their respective industries but also setting a benchmark for what is possible when collaboration and innovation converge. Together, paving the way towards a greener, more efficient future for global logistics. 


Key Highlights 

  • Sidel delivers high-level services to its customers through close coordination, improved planning, and enhanced operational efficiency. 
  • Since 2022, the global collaboration between Sidel and Nefab has addressed challenges such as adapting to changing consumer behavior and economic conditions, environmental concerns, and the complexities of order fulfillment and supply chain logistics. 
  • By entrusting logistics management to Nefab, Sidel gains the freedom to focus on innovation and development, while Nefab expertly handles their logistical needs, facilitating Sidel's continued success.

Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency Through Innovative Collaboration.

The global collaboration between Sidel and Nefab started in 2022 and continues to flourish as a growing partnership. Together, Sidel and Nefab are dedicated to delivering the industry's premier supply chain solutions for customers and partners. Presently, their partnership extends across countries in the Americas and EMEA regions, with further expansion underway.

Optimizing Supply Chain Performance: Implementing Tailored Solutions

Nefab's contract logistics services played an important role in Sidel's supply chain management, providing a wide array of outsourced solutions ranging from transportation and warehousing to distribution. By leveraging the expertise and resources, Nefab streamlined logistics processes for Sidel, optimizing efficiency and ultimately driving down costs while enhancing overall supply chain performance.

Through a combination of advanced technology and industry best practices, Nefab not only facilitated the smooth movement of goods but also acted as a strategic partner, offering flexible and scalable solutions to adapt to changing market demands. Moreover, Nefab served as an intermediary between shippers and carriers, negotiating favorable rates and ensuring timely delivery of goods. The good management of global supply chain complexities, including documentation, and compliance with international regulations, further solidified their role as a trusted logistics partner for Sidel.

Nefab demonstrated agility and responsiveness in addressing Sidel's evolving priorities. For Sidel, focusing on core business activities such as research, development, and customer experience improvement was vital. Nefab quickly assessed Sidel's operational landscape, developed and executed plans with speed, ensuring timely order fulfillment without compromising on quality or efficiency. This proactive approach not only met Sidel's expectations but also exceeded them, with Nefab achieving a remarkable 90% improvement in order throughput during the initial stages of collaboration.


Furthermore, Nefab's integration of packaging solutions into their logistics services ensured that Sidel's products were stored safely and shipped with confidence. The innovative initiatives, such as the introduction of ExPak XL for extra-large products and sustainable projects involving the use of electric vans and equipment, not only enhanced safety and effectiveness but also contributed significantly to reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.

“We have had a positive experience working with Nefab managing the operations of our North America warehouse. Nefab's team has demonstrated a solid understanding of our logistical needs and has consistently delivered professional and expert service. Throughout our partnership, Nefab has maintained clear communication and met our deadlines effectively. The attention to detail and ability to adapt to our evolving requirements have contributed to the smooth running of our warehouse operations. We appreciate the collaborative relationship we've developed with Nefab. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership." Rosalba Cruz, Director of Logistics, Sidel

“We value our partnership with Sidel as they continually challenge us to elevate our team's capabilities and enhance supply chain efficiency. Working alongside our customers, we strive to develop sustainable packaging and logistics solutions that not only save resources but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious supply chain, paving the way for a brighter future.” Rick Reyes, Regional Logistics Service Manager, Nefab Americas

A better tomorrow

The collaboration between Sidel and Nefab has brought about a positive transformation. By joining forces, both companies have enhanced logistics efficiency, leading to significant cost and CO2-eq savings.

Sidel is globally recognized as a leader with over 170 years of innovative history. They offer a diverse range of lines and components for packaging liquids, foods, as well as home and personal care products. Upholding principles of safety, sustainability, and integrity, Sidel is dedicated to instilling these values throughout its supply chain, nurturing a culture of responsible business practices. Their commitment extends to driving sustainable transformation within the industry, with suppliers playing a pivotal role in achieving ambitious goals collectively.

Nefab is committed to leading the transformation alongside customers, with a strong foundation and bold ambitions. By providing smarter packaging and logistics solutions that reduce total costs and CO2 emissions in supply chains, Nefab hopes to add value to customers, society, and the environment.


Together, Sidel and Nefab save resources in supply chains for a better tomorrow!

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