Thermoformed Solutions

Sustainable Plastic Packaging

Made from high recycled content

Nefab’s thermoformed solutions are sustainable trays and Reflex® cushioning applications made from high recycled content. Highly customizable, protective, and engineered to match specific product requirements and regulations, our solutions are ideal for automated lines that require precision packaging due to robotic handling. Nefab’s thermoformed solutions are available globally for several industries, including Automotive, Electronic, Telecom, Aerospace, and Lithium-ion battery (LiB) segments.

Types and benefits of thermoformed materials

Nefab's thermoformed solutions are made from different sustainable sources according to each customer need and requirement, from virgin materials to recycled plastics, such as ocean bound plastics. Besides being more sustainable in comparison to foam and paper, our solutions are lighter, offer improved protection, and save space due to high stackability.


Recycled content
for reduced carbon footprint​

  • 100% recycled content​ – materials can be recycled up to 50 times ​(up to 10 times more than paper)​.
  • Recycle content is readily available.​
  • Ocean bound plastic is also an option to reduce ocean pollution.


Circular plastic
for lowest carbon footprint

  • Materials run in a closed loop or circular flows.
  • Locally optimized logistics lowers CO2 in transport.​
  • Enabled by Nefab buy-back of trays – guaranteeing circularity. 

Lithium-ion Batteries (LiB)

  • Innovative, highly engineered thick gauge design solutions
    tested in ISTA-certified labs, meeting UN test standards
  • 100% recycled content available
  • Fully plastic solutions are lightweight compared to steel
  • Twin side offerings for greater stiffness and impact resistance
  • Works well in automated lines and robot handling
Examples of applications

Examples of applications


  • Our solutions in this range are ideal for automotive and LiB customers for various use.
  • Maximum thermoforming size: 2450 mm x1450 mm.
  • Maximum thickness: 12-14 mm.
  • Typical raw materials: PS, PSPE blend, HDPE, ABS.
<h2 class="titleleadfact-block__heading">Automotive</h2>
<div class="titleleadfact-block__content-text">
<li>Our solutions in this range are ideal for automotive and LiB customers for various use.</li>
<li>Maximum thermoforming size: 2450 mm x1450 mm.</li>
<li>Maximum thickness: 12-14 mm.</li>
<li>Typical raw materials: PS, PSPE blend, HDPE, ABS.</li>

Electric vehicle & e-mobility

  • Our solutions are ideal for automotive and Lib customers for various uses.
  • Maximum thermoforming size: 2450 x 1450 mm.
  • Maximum thickness: 12-14mm.
  • Typical raw materials: PS,PSPE blend, HDPE, ABS
<h2>Electric vehicle &amp; e-mobility</h2>
<li>Our solutions are ideal for automotive and Lib customers for various uses.</li>
<li>Maximum thermoforming size: 2450 x 1450 mm.</li>
<li>Maximum thickness: 12-14mm.</li>
<li>Typical raw materials: PS,PSPE blend, HDPE, ABS</li>

Electric vehicle & e-mobility applications

Telecom & Datacom

  • Nefab offers Reflex® cushions, the industry leader in thermoformed cushions
  • High product protection that outperforms foam while using 100% recycled plastic
  • ISTA-certified lab tests engineered to meet each product’s shock protection requirements
  • Highly nestable, which saves up to 85% of warehousing space compared to foam

Main cushioning applications

  • Desktop, computers, hard drives and laptops
  • Rack mount servers
  • Modular system
  • Telescopes
  • Silicon wafers and more
Examples of applications

Examples of applications

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Making Plastics Circular

Thermoformed solutions are a result of a process called thermoforming or vacuum forming. This is the manufacturing process where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product.

This molding quality is also the reason why thermoformed solutions are considered sustainable plastic products. They can be molded in different shapes and sizes, collected, cleaned, and remolded again. Besides, thermoformed applications are usually light and nestable, which means less material is required to pack, store, and transport products.

Because they can be reduced, reused, and recycled thermoformed solutions are perfectly fit for return and circular flows.

Making Plastics Circular

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