News North America


Update in the Packaging Development Department

Nefab's Technical Sales Support in North America has become part of Nefab's global Packaging Development Centers.


New Product: Pallet Collars

Nefab is pleased to announce the introduction of Pallet Collars to the North American marketplace. Specific sizes are kept in stock but custom sizes can be ordered.


Wooden Crates vs Plywood Boxes Assembly Video

Nefab has developed an assembly video comparing the traditional nailed wooden crate to the Nefab ExPak.


Energy Pack Audit

Re-engineering projects targets 10 million USD savings.


ExPak XL

Our all-new Nefab ExPak XL (patent pending) is designed for volumes of up to 700 cubic feet.


ISO Certification

Nefab, a global leader in complete packaging solutions, is proud to announce that its Dallas manufacturing division has recently achieved both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certification.


New Facility in Mexico

Nefab is pleased to announce the opening of their new facility in Mexico. Until recently there were two Nefab plants in Guadalajara Mexico, one in the North of the city and one in the South. Now the two Nefab plants of Nefab Mexico have been merged together into one plant in a brand new facility.



Nefab strives to be a leading green industrial packaging partner, reducing the environmental impact of production, as well as the transport and waste disposal needed.


Power-Gen International

Nefab announces attendance at Power-Gen International 2013.


Aerospace Cost Savings

Logistics cost take out project results in 20-30% savings.