Air Freight

Air Freight

Shipping by Air? Nefab manufacturers lightweight packaging solutions. Products like the Nefab ExPak are made of plywood and galvanized steel which allows for strength yet low-weight ration. This product reduces significant costs when a product is being shipped by air transport.

Reducing External Dimensions Reduces Air Freight Costs:

  • 2 types of crates with identical internal dimensions
  • Each crate carries identical quantity and weight of product
  • Nefab ExPak reduces airfreight costs 


  Standard Crate NEFAB ExPak
Inside Dimensions  47.25x29.25x29.25  47.25x29.25x29.25
Outside Dimensions  50.75x31.75x35.5  48x30x35
Cubic Feet (OD)  33  30
Actual Tare Weight (lbs)   138  75
Actual Weight Shipping Cost $276  $150 
Savings/Actual Weight $0  $126 
Dimensional Weight (LxWxH/166)*       345  304 
Dimensional Shipping Cost** $690  $608 
Savings/Dim. Weight $0  $82 
Difference 0%  12% 
Total Savings per 100 crates (based on dimensional weight)    $8,200


* Estimated average cost of $2/lb for export shipment by airfreight

** Dimensional weight is a standard formula used throughout the airfreight industry that considers density when determining charges.  Rates are based on the greater of actual weight or dimensional weight.

ExPak Nail-less Crates

ExPak Nail-less Crates

NEFAB ExPak is an exclusive line of nail-less, collapsible, export plywood boxes, ranging from small, one-piece solutions to large, collapsible, six-piece products. The material used in the ExPak is plywood and galvanized steel, which increases the strength and durability of our crates, and also creates a nail-free packaging solution resulting in a safer work environment for your laborers. 


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