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Air Pad

This clean, aesthetic, humidity insensitive and strong packaging material fills the empty spaces in the outer packaging, effectively blocking, bracing and cushioning the products during transport and storage. A single pad can withstand an impact over 1000 N, depending on the film used. Air pads are suitable for regularly shaped products without sharp edges and protruding parts.

Air pad is an on-demand system that converts rolls of film into a chain of perforated air pads. Machines that can be programmed to produce different sizes, and films with different properties, allow a variation of air pads that can be completely adapted to your current and future needs.

Air pad is reusable and recyclable and consists of 99% air and 1% film which give economic and environmental advantages. Less material, less weight and less storage space is needed compared to many other void filling materials. The machine required for filling and shaping the air pads can be rented, meaning that capital is not tied up in activities that are not part of the core-business areas.


Benefits of air pad:

  • Clean and professional looking
  • Adaptation to current and future needs
  • Humidity insensitive
  • Strong
  • Easy to handle
  • Little waste
  • Light
  • Low transportation costs
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • No tied-up capita