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Honeycomb is a packaging material consisting of kraft paper formed into continuous uniform hexagonal cells. Due to the wide range of applications, the honeycomb can be considered as both inner and outer packaging.

Apart from blocking and filling it can also be used as a shock absorbing product, a product separator or even for pallets.

Honeycomb is completely recyclable made only of kraft paper and water based glue. Die-cutting possibilities and different thicknesses from 10 to 110 mm give flexible design possibilities. The material is strong with high resistance to vertical compression. The surface can be PE film coated to achieve humidity resistance.

Anything from small electronic components to large generators can be protected with honeycomb. The packaging can be designed for products as light as a cell phone or as heavy as automotive parts of several tons.

Benefits of Honeycomb:

  • Wide field of application
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • PE film coating for humidity resistance available
  • Strong, high resistance to vertical compression
  • Lightweight
  • Low freight cost
  • Easy to handle

The lightweight and flexible design possibilities of honeycomb make the product a competitive alternative to other products such as expendable wooden pallets. Honeycomb has gained wide acceptance in Japan, United States and Europe thanks to its many benefits.