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Inner Fittings

Inner fittings can be made of materials such as foam, corrugated, steel, plastic, rubber, wood or plywood

Each individual project sets the requirements and the most suitable solution is developed based on the circumstances.

Benefits of inner fittings:

  • Fixation of products
  • Product separation
  • Reduction of vibrations
  • Simplification of packing and unpacking

The objective for Nefab is to always achieve the maximum total cost saving for the customer. The choice of material is therefore not the primary issue but will of course affect the choice of solution.

However, there are some key aspects that will affect the choice of material:

  • Volume (number of units)
  • Product value and weight
  • Transportation mode
  • Product sensitivity
  • Outer packaging
  • Packing operation

The automotive industry often uses polypropylene dividers for separation. This type of inner fitting can be seen in a large variety for applications in many industrial segments.

This type of Polypropylene plastic has important features and characteristics as it is:

  • A light material
  • Easy to wash
  • Resistant to both high and low temperatures

Solutions can be:

  • Anti-static or conductive
  • Coloured or printed - creating a high quality image

There is a wide range of different thicknesses and density which, together with the ability to print, colour or prepare for ESD protection, enables a high degree of customisation.