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Loose Fill

Loose fill is a void filling and shock absorbing packaging material

Polystyrene is traditionally used as a raw material but loose fill can be made of different materials. Corn starch and recycled paper are eco-friendly raw materials which are increasing in popularity.

This packaging material is very flexible and therefore suitable for products or kits of small series. It fills the empty spaces in the outer packaging and depending on the shape of the loose fill it can also protect against shock.

Loose fill made of corn starch is one hundred percent biodegradable which is why it is suitable for composting or can simply be thrown in the waste bin without doing harm to the environment. The manufacturing process for corn starch loose fill is low in energy consumption and demands no chemical agents, only water is added.

Benefits of loose fill:

  • Flexible packaging material
  • Suitable for products and kits of small series
  • No design needed
  • Can be made of eco-friendly corn starch