Transport packaging solutions has been the core of Nefab for more than 70 years. Today, we are helping customers within the Telecom, Vehicle, Energy, Aerospace, Healthcare Equipment Industry with the right transport packaging for their supply chains. We help our customers to transport their products in a safe and secure way, through the entire supply chain without any damages to their products. We have products and services to offer you the best possible solution for your producs and their journey, no matter if its by truck, boat, train, airplane, or any combination.

Below you can find more information about how we can help you with your packaging needs.

Transport Packaging

Transport packaging is designed to protect goods that are in transit, especially products that are shipped by truck or train. However, the supply chain often includes other modes of transportation as well. Therefore, transport packaging needs to be designed for both the local conditions and the export conditions if the goods are sent from one country to another. At Nefab, we have the tools and packaging know-how to help you design Your Packging Solution.  


We have a worldwide network of packaging engineers that have experince with different packaging materials and from different industries to help our customers find the best possible solution for their products. 

To validate our solutions we have 5 of our own testlabs and global support from a wide external network.


With our tool GreenCALC, we can help our customers to understand the environmental impact of their packaging solutions. Our customers also get feedback on areas where they can improve.

GreenCALC was developed together with the French environmental consultancy company EVEA and has been certified by Bureau Veritas in 2015.  

For more information about GreenCALC, please click here


We offer packaging solutions in several different materials and for different types of transport modes. Our product offer includes, among many other products, the following:


We offer packaging serivces to make your day easier. We have locations and hubs worldwide to service all of our customers. Our service offer includes:

Reusable Transport Packaging

Implementing a reusable packaging system means that you replace a one-way packaging with a returnable solution. Once they arrive at final destination, these boxes must be collected and sent back to the distribution point. The use of collapsible packaging makes the return freight a minor cost factor compared to the savings offered by returnable solutions. Nefab offer the following reusable transport packaging systems: