Nefab's Owners

As Nefab grew together with leading global customers to develop new and sustainable production capabilities and sites it became imperative to complement the family business with external industry know-how and investment capital. Since 2015, Nefab is 50/50 owned by the founding family Nordgren/Pihl and FAM AB. The owners have a common foundation and view on how to build great companies, including core values, ethics, value creation and a long-term ownership philosophy.

It has been more than 75 years since Nefab was founded by the Nordgren brothers in Runemo, Sweden. What started in 1949 as a local, innovative Swedish manufacturer of packaging has developed through the decades into a leading global provider of sustainable packaging solutions and logistics services, serving global and local companies all around the world. The unique company heritage and culture continue to shape the way that business is done today. The focus is still on serving customer needs by driving continuous innovation to reduce costs and the overall carbon footprint throughout supply chains worldwide.

Nefab owners have a solid growth ambition with no exit horizon and remain committed to the Nefab purpose of saving resources for a better tomorrow and to their belief in Nefab’s employees as growth enablers. Moreover, the owners have appointed a board of directors that decides the strategic direction of the company. This governance model means that the management and employees of Nefab carry the responsibility for developing and leading the business. Nefab always strives to stay financially self-sufficient, and all dividends will remain policy-based, thereby underpinning the owners’ missions to support society and the environment, locally and globally at the same time as ensuring the business is financially sound for the future.

Nordgren/Pihl – who are they and what do they stand for?

The family is actively engaged in different industrial fields and founded Nefab. They have been full or part owners since the beginning, with the company always being the main focus. Over the years, they have played an active role in the company, having had various positions, and fostering a robust network within the industry and among company stakeholders.

They are deeply committed to the origins and values of the company, while also striving to understand and develop the global industrial packaging market. In partnership with FAM, the aim is to realize Nefab's full potential and maintaining a long-term vision for sustainable growth and innovation.

Andreas Pihl, Nordgren/Pihl family

FAM AB – who are they and what do they stand for?

For more than 170 years, the Wallenberg family has worked in the service of enterprise and research in Sweden. FAM AB, a holding company within the Wallenberg ecosystem, is an engaged long-term owner of companies such as Nefab with strong market positions and a commitment to innovation. Dividends from these holdings are distributed to the Wallenberg foundations and utilized as grants for research and education, for the benefit of society.

FAM focuses on developing great companies with Nordic roots to reach global top positions. Being one of FAM’s core strategic holdings, Nefab can count on FAM’s unmatched network and longstanding expertise from leading industrial and technology companies.

Kristian Sildeby, FAM