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Installation Management

Our Installation Management solution revolutionizes the way that installations are planned, executed, and monitored. With intuitive planning tools and seamless integration, we enable businesses to coordinate resources, manage shipments, and analyze performance to ensure successful installations every time.

How to Achieve “First Time Right” Installations with Nefab’s Platform

Equipment from industries such as healthcare, power systems, wind turbines, mining, and telecom are delivered to installation sites, where engineering teams arrive to install the equipment. However, 20-40 % of the installations aren’t “first time right” because some necessary parts are missing, damaged, or wrong. Nefab has addressed the need for “first time right” installations through the development of our Installation Management Platform. Our comprehensive Installation Management Track and Trace software provides a seamless two-part service tailored to meet your installation needs. ​

How to Achieve “First Time Right” Installations with Nefab’s Platform

Phase 1: Plan, Model, Connect

In the first phase, Plan, Model, Connect, we provide a holistic service that extends beyond shipment tracking. Our platform enables you to meticulously plan every aspect of your installation process, from determining packaging requirements to sequencing tasks and ensuring all articles are accounted for. With intuitive planning tools and customizable workflows, you can efficiently organize resources, optimize packaging configurations, and establish precise installation sequences. Additionally, the planning and modelling tools seamlessly integrate into our tracking platform, ensuring that each article is connected and traceable from the moment it leaves the warehouse.

Phase 2: Monitor, Manage, and Analyze Shipments

In the second phase, Monitor, Manage, and Analyze Shipments, our platform goes further to ensure the integrity of your shipments. Through real-time monitoring and proactive alerts, we detect and address any discrepancies such as missing, damaged, or incorrect parts, enabling you to take immediate corrective actions and maintain project timelines.