Load Securing

Load Securing Benefits

Even an adapted packaging has a limit of shocks and vibrations it can withstand during transportation before it collapses, and at that point, load securing is needed. Smart load securing protects your products and the people working with them, and can generate cost reductions as well.

Product protection
If the cargo is secured against rolling, tipping and shifting, it will absorb smaller amounts of shocks and vibrations, minimizing risks of packaging deterioration and giving better protection to the packed goods.

Peoples' protection
Load securing helps to protect employees, people in traffic and any person who could be the victim of accidents caused by poorly secure loads.

Environmental protection
In some cases, dangerous liquids and other substances can leak out of broken packaging that was not correctly secured and cause environmental pollution and threaten peoples' health. Load securing also contributes to safety on the roads; for example, heavy, bulky goods can create so much pressure on container doors that when opened, the packages can fall out on the road and crate dangerous traffic situations.

Cost reduction
By using load securing, it is possible to have cost reductions in several ways. For one, no damage to your products eliminates expenses to replace them. It is much easier to handle well stacked products, and that reduces the time needed for unloading of containers, saving on man-hours. By eliminating potential environmental and health risks, it is also possible to avoid unexpected expenses they can lead to.

Customers prefer to get their ordered products in good condition without damage, which is why load securing is important to maintaining a good company image. No one wants to get bad publicity because of accidents caused by their products.

Load Securing Benefits

Load Securing Solutions

At Nefab, we offer several types of Load Securing materials and options.

Lash Tubes
Lash tubes have a strong corrugated construction, coated with a treatment which makes them water resistant. The lash tubes are clasped between the ribs of the container and prevent cargo from moving.

Paper Dunnage Bags
Manufactured from one or several layers of kraft paper and polyethylene, this solution prevents damages during transportation by blocking goods inside the load carrier. Paper dunnage bags can be used for shipments by road, sea or rail and depending on the valve system, airbags can be reused several times.

Container Lashing
Container lashing is made to prevent cargo from shifting. The process of handling container lashing is very simple and logical. Container lashing is very flexible and adjustable according to each type of cargo.

Anti Slip Rubber
Rubber mats increase the friction between the floor and the load in order to avoid movement. The mats are delivered in the dimensions that suit the cargo best.

Load Securing Solutions

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