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Fiber packaging solutions provides a low-cost, easy to use solution

Fiber packaging solutions provides a low-cost, easy to use solution

Fiber based material is available all over the world and the material can be customized to engineer mono-material solutions that can be recycled as easy as a sheet of paper, or to be used in combination with other material to create a packaging solution.

Corrugated cardboard solutions

Corrugated is the most widely used packaging material in the industry. This is due in large part to its low cost, light weight and ease of use. The corrugated materials are very versatile, being available in many different styles (single wall, double wall, triple wall) and combinations — from standard box sizes to a wide range of customizable solutions. Arguably one of the most dynamic types of packaging available, corrugated boxes offer many benefits to consumers.

Corrugated cardboard solutions

Corrugated and Foam Applications

Corrugated and Foam Packaging solutions are used in a wide variation of solutions, and can be designed to protect dangerous goods classified products. Corrugated solutions are ideal for airfreight shipments, due to their low weight. One-way solutions are often made by corrugated material due to their recyclability.

Corrugated and Foam  Applications

Recyclable fiber solutions

We have developed a broad family of fiber based materials and solutions. Some based on paper and others on straw. All of them can be recycled together with corrugated cardboard.

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Corrugated Packaging Solution Information

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