Digital Services

Digital Solutions Tailored to Your Supply Chains

Digital Services for Supply Chain Transparency

Transparency and accountability are key to an efficient global supply chain and the effective resolution of disruptions. Our portfolio of tracking platforms enables companies to achieve this transparency across multiple business application areas such as Returnable Packaging Management, High Value Asset Management, and Installation Management.

Maximize Supply Chain Control with Tracking and Digital Platforms

Our digital solutions help you save resources by ensuring there are no blind spots in your supply chain. Add track and trace capabilities to your packaging solutions and track your shipments for complete control and visibility. This allows you to monitor, plan, and control the flow of your assets, so you always know the location and condition of your assets. We have built platforms that are compatible with any device running on any network, and can be customized for your products and supply chains.

Digital Services by Nefab

We offer digital services for three distinct business scenarios. These are turnkey solutions but can be configured and adapted to individual needs: manage your returnable packaging, monitor your high-value assets, and plan and execute your installations efficiently.