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Additional Packaging

As part of our Complete Packaging Solutions, Nefab can also source and supply inner packaging & accessory products to be used with the outer packaging for additional product protection.  More than 50 years in the custom industrial packaging world has given Nefab a unique competence pool that customers can benefit from. 

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion of sensitive parts or equipment in transit is one of the leading causes of damage claims by shippers, and product rejection by end users.  Nefab offers expertise in corrosion protection including: barriers, desiccants, and volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI). 


Blocking and Void Filling

Blocking and void filling materials immobilize product in their packaging.  Nefab can offer various types of blocking and filling solutions to suit your application and protect your product.


ESD (Electro Static Discharge)

Our range of products enables Nefab to design an ESD solution that gives the required protection for your product.  Nefab can offer a complete control program, including products for the EPA, grounding products and testing equipment.


FiberFlute: sustainable cushioning solution

FiberFlute is a sustainable packaging solution that provides outstanding cushioning performance for a wide range of products. Fiberflute is an eco-friendly alternative to foam and is 100% paper-recyclable.


Other Cushioning

For protection against shock and vibration, Nefab offers cushioning materials like molded foam, fabricated foam, foam-in-place, and foam profiles.


Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

We package goods big and small, delicate and robust, heavy and lightweight; the one thing they all have in common is that the products are valuable and need protection. The needs of our customer base ranges from daily just-in-time deliveries in support of their manufacturing operations to one time projects involving the dismantling, relocation and reassembly of a manufacturing operation

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