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Wooden Crates - CratePak-O HD

The Wooden Crate Concept - CratePak-O HD is created using strength of metal corners coupled with robustness of wooden crate. It is sturdy, easy to assemble, shipped flat (space and cost savings) and requires no nails for assembly. Crate Pak-O HD is designed to contain large heavy duty products for harsh and rugged environments and is resistant to wide spectrum of mechanical shocks from multiple modes of transport.

CratePak-O HD is an enhanced version of Nefab’s Crate Pak-O solution. In the CratePak-O HD solution, metal corners trade places with plastic corners to improve structural strength, over-stacking capability and ergonomics. 

Metal Corners

The metal corners are suitable for both European and US lumber sizes. They feature multiple holes for fastening, strapping and additional screwing. Metal corners also have specific featured slots to hold straps in place and special reinforcements to enhance structural strength and over-stacking. Special design enables them to be adjusted, with a Nefab tool or screwdriver, in order to be used for stacking or additional screwing.

No Nails

CratePak-O HD is a heavy-duty solution that takes less than a minute to assemble, without usage of nails. It can be customized with inner fittings, blocking and filling materials and covers to provide an optimal protection to packaged product.


The CratePak-O HD concepts comes with the following benefits:


1. Easy and Quick to Assemble

Wooden crate with metal reinforcements: makes it both strong and easy to work with. To assemble, the sides are simply slid into place.

2. Ergonomic and Safe

Light-weight panels allow for safe and ergonomic handling. The CratePak-O HD is fast to assemble without having to use nails. The CratePak-O concept creates a quiet working environment since there is no need for power tools. It also saves space, as it is delivered flat.

3. Strong and Flexible

The metal corner comes in two sizes: 19mm and 38mm. Compatible with European and US lumber sizes. The metal corners feature multiple holes for fastening, but can also be used for strapping and have a specific feature to hold these straps in place. Additionally, it has special reinforcements to make the construction even stronger


4. Modular and Flexible Solution

The CratePak-O HD is designed to work with modular fitments, such as inner fittings made of wood, foam or cardboard, in order to offer optimal security for the packed product. It is possible to have side panels to screen from view and theft e.g. PP, plywood, cardboard. The box can be re-opened and closed several times and fits with several types of pallets.