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Packaging Products

Our wide range of packaging products is optimized to reduce our customers' total costs while minimizing their environmental impact.

Expendable Packaging 

Typically export packaging is used for one-time use. Depending on the mode of transport, destination point, and your products characteristics make the difference as to which of the following export packaging is the best solution.

plywood boxes and crates Pallets Corrugated Boxes

Returnable Packaging

If a reoccurring flow has been identified, than definitely the best option is to have returnable packaging that will last during long trips and cycles. The amount of investment needed for returnable packaging depends upon the material chosen.

RePak LogPak Pallets Steel productsPlastic products

Long-term Packaging

A long-term packaging solution by Nefab is designed to protect customers' products during transport, storage and handling – for a lifetime. Nefab offers long-term packaging in custom sizes as well as some standard off the shelf solutions.

PlyPak Flightcases Plastic boxes, cases and totes Aluminium boxes Watertight boxes and cases

Inner packaging

Inner packaging protects the product from transport and warehousing damage when inside the outer packaging. Packaging solutions are created on a custom basis with your products characteristics and its outer packaging to ensure your goods arrive at their final destination without damage.

Packaging Accessories

This includes products to close and seal the packaging, to dispense different sorts of filling and to indicate reckless handling of products during transport. Nefab covers the whole spectrum of products from standard tapes to complex machinery for sealing boxes.