Providing packaging solutions for the industrial sector has been a cornerstone of Nefab's extensive history, which spans over 70 years. Currently, our focus lies within the Telecom, Vehicles, Energy, Aerospace, and Healthcare Equipment industries, and the many challenges that they can face when shipping their product from A to B.

Our goal is to provide complete packaging solutions which lower your total cost while minimizing environmental impact. Nefab can supply you with engineered solutions that are made to specifically benefit your situation. We excel in providing solutions that are optimized for different transportation modes and conditions, while keeping an attention to detail on the product needs and characteristics.


Packaging for the industrial sector has many different implications than its consumer packaging counterparts. For one, the quality of the packaging material must be much greater in most cases, as it protects products that are potentially more valuable and sensitive. Another aspect is the choice of packaging material must be much greater, as there are many more needs and factors to consider. At Nefab, we have decades of experience supporting several sectors and have the capability to design and test industrial packaging to find what benefits your situation the most.


At Nefab, our business is making sure that yours runs smoothly, with packaging that can help move your product through your supply chain safely and securely. Below are focus areas for which we provide leading industrial packaging solutions:


At Nefab, we have a wide portolio of industrial packaging products, spanning several different types of materials and covering each of the major industrial transport modes. Our product offering includes the following, among several others:


At Nefab, we offer industrial packaging services that can help make your day-to-day easier. We have locations around the globe that can provide you with various services, including:


The concept of a complete packaging solution simply means that we can provide not just one part, but each necessary packaging component for your situation. This makes Nefab your one stop shop, and it also ensures that each component complements each other in total synergy. Though this means something different for each customer, we can assess what components would be helpful or necessary for your product. With this capability, together with our total cost approach, we can provide you with optimized packaging solutions that lower your total cost.


Nefab's uses a unique total cost approach when determining how to provide an optimal solution. By focusing on six key cost areas, we aim to provide a packaging that lowers your total costs through some combination of each area. For example, if we design a solution that is better optimized for shipping containers, freight cost can be lowered due to more effective space utilization. It can also be in cost areas that are not always obvious, such as handling time. If a packaging is designed to be more ergonomic, workers can pack the items much more efficiently. and therefore use the saved time and energy on another task. There are endless opportunities for cost savings, and at Nefab, we work to help you find them.